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Registering a Company in Zimbabwe Requirements

Registering a Company in Zimbabwe Requirements

Chief Registrar of Companies does company Registration in Zimbabwe.

Here are a few requirements to register a company in Zimbabwe. First we must say it is a lot easier than what it was in years gone by.

If you want to do your own thing and you are based in Harare and Bulawayo then you can register on your own.

If you are a small sole trader you do not need to register with Chief Registrar of Companies.

They will need the following information:  Full names of at least 2 company directors, their physical addresses and National Identification Numbers.

Costs: You will need to pay  $5 for company name search and $140 for the submission of memorandum  and articles.

How to pay fees: 

  1. Cash- if fees are US$1000 or less
  2. Foreign Cheque
  3. Real-time gross settlement systems (RTGS)
  4. Direct bank deposit
  5. Bank Cheque
  6. Direct deposit

Contact Address and Location of Chief Registrar of Companies Zimbabwe

Harare: Century House, 38 Nelson Mandela Avenue

Bulawayo: Tredgold Building, Second Foor, room 222, Fort Street/ Leopold Takawira


Where To Get Company Registration Forms in Zimbabwe

They can be obtained in Book stores and similar shops in the country.


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