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Inverters and Solar Power Systems

Posted in on 2-2-18

Inverters and Solar Power Systems

An Inverter is an electronic device that changes direct current(DC) to an alternating current(AC) thus allowing you to continue operating any essential electronic devices when the power goes out. You can run your TV’s, Computer’s, Hifi’s and other sensitive household or office electronic equipment using the Inverters we supply. Listed below is our Inverter Product range
-Inverters – full LCD displays
-Inverters – regular displays
-Inverter – Camping/hunting (no charger)

Solar Power Systems / Solutions just for the Zimbabwean market. Looking for Solar power systems and products / Solar Inverters? Do you need solar power product installations for your business and/or home. Take a look at some of the innovative Solar power products, Hybrid Solar Inverters, Solar chargers that Electrotronics has on offer for the Zimbabwean market. We offer complete solutions for the local market with regards to design, supply and installation of Solar Systems.
-Inverter, AC Charger And Solar Charger 3 in 1 Design (High Frequency)
-Solar Pure Sinewave, Hybrid 30A MPPT solar charger (Low Frequency)
-1000 Watt to 6000 Watt-Pure Sinewave-LCD display

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