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Ship Cargo to Zimbabwe


Door to door Zim Cargo offers an international shipping container service to Zimbabwe and southern africa. If you have bulky items, commercial goods or if you would like to ship your car together with personal items then the container shipping to Zimbabwe service is the best option. 

No job is too big or too small for us, as long as we have a description of the contents going into the container, the type of container you require, and the destination we will provide you with the best shipping container price. We also offer a collection service from any UK address for any type of cargo including commercial cargo of any shape or size. We can also deliver the containers to any UK address for you to personally load.


           Please call on:   07484661403 for Drums pricing                       


20ft Container

£ 1245

40ft Container

£ 1995 

40ft High Container

£ 2025 

There are two main types of shipping containers to Mombasa, Kenya; the 20ft and the 40ft. The approximate internal shipping container dimensions are:

20ft container: Length = 5.87m   Width = 2.28m   Height = 2.26m. This will usually take a car and some personal items.

40ft container: Length = 12m      Width = 2.28m   Height = 2.26m. This will usually take 2 cars and personal items.

We can also provide the 40ft High Cube container to Kenya which is a slightly taller, with a  height of 2.65m.

Procedure For Container Shipping to Zimbabwe From the United Kingdom

  1. Contact us with the type of shipping container you would like, as well as what you intend to put in the shipping container to Zimbabwe.
  2. We can deliver the container to your address for you to personally load it with your commercial cargo, or personal items. Please note that the container stays on the truck. We provide 3 hours free loading. If you need more time to load the container, please let us know.
  3. We can also load your commercial cargo, vehicle or personal items on to the shipping container from the Felixstowe warehouse. You would need to deliver the cargo/vehicles to the Felixstowe warehouse. We would require a list of the items/cargo you intend to put in the container so that we can provide you with an accurate quote. We can also collect your items from any UK address.
  4. The shipping container prices above are for loading the container with non-hazardous cargo   personal effects, household goods, or some commercial cargo only. There is an additional £200 for loading the container with hazardous cargo.
  5. Payment for the shipping container to Kenya is required before the ship leaves the Felixstowe port. The bill of lading/documents are available one week after the ship leaves the port.

Terms for Shipping Containers to Zimbabwe

  1. Container shipping prices to Zimbabwe are subject to change without notice.
  2. Full payment is required prior to the ship leaving the port.
  3. The prices include ALL the costs for shipping the container from the UK port up to Zimbabwe